My 2 Cent

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's always the guns fault

Most of you probably heard about the milkman who shot up
an Amish schoolhouse by now. It's everywhere in the news.

Of course an event such as this always brings up the
question"Can we prevent this from happening again?".
And the news program I was watching this morning was
no different. The anchorette asks the shrink on the show
that same question. The shrink being honest says"No
we can't. It's going to happen again." He goes on to
blame this on society, mostly the fact that we're
allowed to have guns. That, and the fact that getting
mental care is more difficult than getting a gun.
Since when?

Well, this is when I start shouting at the TV"For crying
out loud, it's not the guns you moron. The only thing
that makes getting mental care difficult are your
outrageous fees. Instead of getting the government to
force the rest of us to pay your fees, try lowering
them. Well, that is, if you really care about helping people."
That would certainly help make it less difficult, being
as having money to get help is the only real obstacle.