My 2 Cent

Friday, October 21, 2005

So sue me

Or them, rather. People sue over the most ridiculous things.
Like this for instance. Why would people think the new
iPod Nano would be just as sturdy as the old iPod? Where in
Apple's ads did they state that? They didn't. There's no guarentee
that the Nano would be just as tough. If it's getting scratched
with the way you're handling it, then stop using it that way.
Duh! Folks, if you stuff the damn thing in your pocket full of
shit, it's gonna get scratched.

This kinda stuff wouldn't see the light of day with other
products. Like say automobiles. Let's say you had a pick up
and the paint never got scratched or the body never dented.
That's some good shit. Now you go by the latest and greatest
compact car and the paint is soo soft if you breathe too hard
it scratches and the body dents if you get too close.
Dude, now that sucks. But, do you go and sue the manufacturer?
Well, you could try. But, they'd probably laugh in your face
and say "It's not a truck. What were you expecting. That's how
the car is made. Deal with it". And so you do.

A word of advice to you unhappy Nano owners. If you don't like
the way the Nano is made, then don't buy the next latest and
greatest iPod that's released. If you want a company to listen,
you gotta do it with your dollars.