My 2 Cent

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Handicap access is a joke

So I been in this wheelchair for about 4 weeks and I
have come to the conclusion that there is no such
thing as handicap access. It's just an illusion.
Businesses and such will tell you they are handicap
friendly but it's mostly lip service. Yeah, they meet
government standards, but that's not saying much.
Here are a few examples:

Shopping malls. Sure they have the wheelchair ramp,
but once you get to the front door, there's no button
or switch to get it to open automatically. So, I try to
pull it open, but the thing is fucking heavy and I'm
no weakling. I look up to make sure I'm at the right
door and sure enough it has a handicap sticker. OK
guys, putting a sticker on it doesn't make it any easier
to open. Fuck! Now this isn't every mall, but it was a
good bit of them.

Department stores. Once I get into the damn place
there's shit everywhere. Like, they have these nice
big aisles then they put tables in the middle of them.
Now I understand that's a good way to get people to
notice their merchandise, but it's also a good way to
piss me off and cause me to knock that stuff over.
You know, it's bad enough I can't make my way through
the racks, they could at least keep that shit out of
the aisle.

Restrooms. First the damn doors aren't automatic
(in some cases). Then the things are too narrow.
Sure the chair can theoretically fit through it, but
not without crushing your fucking fingers. After I
get in, then it's the "putting shit in my way" again
with those wet floor signs. The sign should really
say "piss on the floor". Which makes wheeling
around in the restroom difficult and just plain
disgusting. Come on folks, how hard is it to piss
in the urinal. It's like people are going out of their
way to piss on the floor. Anyway, management needs
to address this shit.

People. The few places there is access you have
people screwing up things. I don't mean being in
the way, that happens. What I'm talking about are the
ones that don't know what "excuse me" means.
When they do figure it out, they stand there like
deer in headlights. One guy that was in my way
sucked in his gut, like that was gonna fucking help.
Then he gives me this look. Like well? And I'm
thinking,"Dude, just move your ass and I'll be ok".
Then the jackass finally gets it and moves.

This is just some of the stuff that irritates me.
It's only been 4 weeks and I have at least 4 more
to go. So, I'm sure there will be more. And more
than likely I'll have to blog(vent) about it.