My 2 Cent

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Throwing out the baby

I know this is a disposable society, but after reading this
we've taken it to new lows. The story talks about
how throwing your computer away when it becomes too
bogged down with spyware and adware is a rational
response. Not only that, it makes financial sense.

It does? On what planet? Not this one.

Some IT geek in the story says he grew weary of trying
to keep the adware off his computer. what's going
to be different with his new machine? Nothing!

The sensible thing to do if your computer is that infected
and is driving you nuts would be to format and re-image
your machine with the restore CDs that it came with
(you did keep those, didn't you). Then...bam, it's like the
day you bought it and it didn't cost you a dime. That
would be the rational thing to do. Unless your PC just
plain sucks, then that's a different story.