My 2 Cent

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Revealing? Try slutty

Reading this story reminded me of a conversation
I had with my wife a couple of months ago. Our
little discussion was mostly about the lack of a
dress code in a local elementary school I happen
to visit. I mean, I saw more tits and ass there than
I did in most local night clubs and bars.

I was shocked. Why didn't they dress like that
in my day? Damn I missed out!

Now that I'm grown up(sort of) I realize that's
not the way teachers should be dressing.

Freedom of expression? What kinda bullshit is
that? If your job has a dress code, you follow it.
Or be fired! That simple. No crying and throwing
a fit because you're expected to look like a professional.
Shit, for the money they're paying teachers around
my area, they'll wear a clown suit if thats what
I wanted them to wear!

To all the educators(yeah right) that insist on
dressing like an upscale hooker, grow up. You're
not in college anymore and when you show up for
work we expect you to look and act like it.