My 2 Cent

Friday, May 27, 2005

The tool's not the problem

Do the Brit's not get it? It's not violent knife
crime that's the problem, it's violent crime.
More blaming the tool, not the person.

Knives don't kill people, people kill people. I've been
waiting a long time to say that.

I didn't think the UK (or anyone with stupid
gun regulations) was dumb enough to propose
such a law. Come on, if someone wants to stab
somebody they are gonna do it. If not a knife, then a
screwdriver. If not a screwdriver then any
long pointed object. I guess they'll be making
shorter ink pens too. Pissed off people aren't
real particular about what they kill you with.
If they can't plunge a sharp object into you
then they'll bludgeon you to death with a
baseball bat, or any long, blunt, and heavy object.

The UK needs to stop treating the symptoms and
get its people in check. You can take away all of
the toys and it still won't keep people from behaving