My 2 Cent

Friday, May 27, 2005

The tool's not the problem

Do the Brit's not get it? It's not violent knife
crime that's the problem, it's violent crime.
More blaming the tool, not the person.

Knives don't kill people, people kill people. I've been
waiting a long time to say that.

I didn't think the UK (or anyone with stupid
gun regulations) was dumb enough to propose
such a law. Come on, if someone wants to stab
somebody they are gonna do it. If not a knife, then a
screwdriver. If not a screwdriver then any
long pointed object. I guess they'll be making
shorter ink pens too. Pissed off people aren't
real particular about what they kill you with.
If they can't plunge a sharp object into you
then they'll bludgeon you to death with a
baseball bat, or any long, blunt, and heavy object.

The UK needs to stop treating the symptoms and
get its people in check. You can take away all of
the toys and it still won't keep people from behaving

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A bad investment

This is just another example of an ignorant
musician. Now I'm not taking a shot at
musicians, I'm one myself, but I'm always
amazed at the level of stupidity these folks
can achieve. And they do it in public. If you
don't know what you're talking about, it's
probably best to keep your mouth shut.

Look it's this simple. If it were not for the
shareholders, EMI wouldn't have the
resources(or as much) to produce Coldplay's
new CD or send them on tour. Ya know,
no one forced Coldplay to become part of a
corporation and use shareholders money.
Without those shareholders, the rest of the
world wouldn't be subjected to your boring

Do they not get it?

They're lucky people want to invest money in them.

Held accountable

It's nice to see someone put principle before
profit. It's rare that a celebrity(or anyone
for that matter) actually pays for the bad things
they've done in the past. If only more people
would stand up and take this kind of action.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Scotty's gotta go

And America cheers(well I am) as Scott Savol is finally
sent packing. I have no idea how he made it this far.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

The problem, not the solution

That's what I think of child daycare. Particularly this
socialization nonsense.

My wife has been mentioning to her friends and family
that she plans on being a stay at home mom, to which
they respond, "what about socializing your child?
How will you do that?" As if that can only happen
at a "toddler detention center".

Uhh...let me see. I'll just take my kid outside to play
with the other kids. Granted there much less of them
outside these days due to the previously mentioned
"detention centers". When I was much, much younger
all I had to do was walk out my front door and there
were most of my friends. That's how it used to work,

Well not anymore, or so my wife tells me. No, there
are play groups you join. Play groups. Just to find
other children who aren't lock away for their parents
convience.There's just something that doesn't seem
right about scheduling a time to hang out with other
kids. I mean, that's the crap that you have to do as
adults. So much for the carefree childhood.

So, the way I see it, daycare centers aren't the
solution to socializing children. They're the