My 2 Cent

Monday, March 07, 2005

Brothers be speedin'

Racial profiling seems to be a big story
in the news lately, but this time it's
the police running speed traps that
are guilty. Why this is a story, I don't
know. 2 seconds of thought raises the
obvious question, how in the hell can
a cop tell what race you are from hundreds
of feet away? Come on people, please.

Ya know, any time a minority is the
majority in breaking the law, it's always
the cop's fault. Whether it's death row
or speeding. This sort of thing is just
getting ridiculous.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Going nowhere

I'm listening to the radio yesterday and I hear some woman
saying how black voters vote for quality of life issues.
Oh, really? What I didn't hear, was her explain why black
voters are still complaining about the same quality of life issues.
They were on the right side of the issue, right? That's
what happens when you vote for Democrats for over 30 years.
Ya go nowhere.