My 2 Cent

Saturday, November 20, 2004


I recently installed an nVidia FX5700 AGP 8x video
card in a 4x motherboard and was having problems
while playing games. The picture would be distorted,
flicker, have a reddish color, and even crash. From
what I read this seems to be a common problem with
this video card when installed on a 4x motherboard
regardless of brand. There is a fix(actually a workaround)
other than buying an 8x board. If you tried alot of different
drivers and settings, as I did, then try setting the AGP
slot to 2x through the BIOS on the motherboard. That
should take care of it(well, it did for me anyway). It doesn't
seem to hurt the performance too much. I suppose it's
better than not working at all.