My 2 Cent

Thursday, October 14, 2004

The V.C. is backing me

How can ABC even pretend to be non-partisan
when they do stuff like this? How long have the
Swiftboat Vets been accusing Kerry of not telling
the truth? To this day Kerry really hasn't
responded to most of their charges and for the
ones he did, the story did make any sense.

So, what does ABC do? They go looking for an
ex Viet Cong soldier to back up Kerry's story.
What's the matter? They couldn't find anyone
in our military with enough credibility to back
up Kerry?

It's pretty sad when Kerry himself can't discredit
the Swiftboat Vets and relies on the enemy to do
it for him. And somehow this is supposed to make
me want to vote for him...yeah right.