My 2 Cent

Friday, September 10, 2004

Viable Alternative

That phrase really irks me when used in a conversation
talking about Kerry or Bush. A candidate is only as viable
as the people willing to vote for him/her. If the voters of this
country stopped being such sheep and started thinking
for themselves the Constitution and Libertarian parties
would be "viable". In my opinion they already are. These
two parties more closely represent what conservative
voters(and some moderates) believe, but they are too
lazy to inform themselves(or too afraid a liberal may win)
and just lap up whatever the mainsteam and rightwing
(Limbaugh and Hannity)media feed them. It's not a game,
there should be no voting for the frontrunners. We should
vote for who's the best for our country. It doesn't always
have to be one of the big parties. After all, they made the
country what it is today. Do we really want to keep going
down that path?

I find it sad that the two major parties in this country
rely on ignorance to get elected. Why else wouldn't
they include the other candidates in the debates?
Doesn't this seem a bit backwards?