My 2 Cent

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Corporate weenies

Ahhh. Back to blogging. Well, not my preferred way
of doing it. I rather do it while watching TV with my
wife. There's not much on TV worth paying attention
to anyway, so I rather blog.

I guess that's the end of that though. You see, I used
to use my work issued laptop with a wireless network
card, but the company I work for decided to upgrade
the PCs to XP. Well, while doing that they decided to
add keystroke recording software(them bastards)and
that just rubs me the wrong way. That and I don't think
I want them knowing what I write here. There are way
too many leftist in my company looking for any reason
to offshore my position.

Leave it to the corporate weenies to crush one of
the few cool benefits I got from working for them.