My 2 Cent

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Are you better...

off with "W" in the Whitehouse? That's the question
the conservative pundits are asking. That's a fair
question, but I have a better one. Are we as a
country better off with "W" in charge? No.

I can't stand the intellectually lazy people who
say there's no difference between the Dems
and the Repubs, but lately they're more right
than they realize. Bush is a nice guy, but take
a close look at his policies and what he has
actually done. Except the war on terror, there's
not much difference from what Kerry would do.
He has actually spent more on social programs
(how I hate social programs) than most Dems
could get through Congress. Not to mention the
loss of freedoms, lack of real border security,
and the kissing of Mexico's President Fox's ass.

So please, do yourself and the country a favor
and vote for someone outside these two parties
if you can. I for somebody who is
more than likely going to lose sucks, but if we
don't demand better, we'll never get it.