My 2 Cent

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

What about Gitmo?

Well,the Supreme Court ruled on the Guantanamo Bay
case(which probably should have never went there)
the other day and much to my amazement they repressed
their liberal tendencies. Yeah, they said two of the
cases should be heard by a lower court and will
probably lead to every detainee filing a case also.
But, for the most part, they left the control with
the President(where it should be).

The charge that this base is a legal black hole
is just inaccurate. The military has a legal system
and is usually harsher than it's civilian counterpart.
Which is where most of these cases should probably
be heard.

I think alot of the people that have a problem with
the military legal system, do so because they really
don't answer to the Supreme Court. And rightly so,
because the military's duty is to provide security
for this nation. Something most of the Supremes don't
hold in high regard(except for Scalia and Thomas).

Many people dislike the Patriot Act(with good reason),
but when it comes to detaining enemy combatants, I say
we don't torture them enough. If we torture 600 or so
enemy combatants and it saves the life of just one
child, wouldn't it be worth it(typical liberal spin)?
Which in this instance, is pretty much acurate.
But hey, thats just my opinion.