My 2 Cent

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

She just doesn't get it

What a terrible finish. I'm talking about WB's Superstar(I'm
probably the only clown that watches the WB). I don't watch
much TV let alone reality shows(very little reality), but
I was looking forward to the last installment of Superstar.
What I was really hoping to see was some terrible singer's
dreams crushed(I know that's mean)on national TV, but it
never happened. The damn chick that won screwed it all
up. She didn't realize that she was just a part of a big
joke. She just didn't get it. It ruined the whole show.
It's just not funny when the person you're pulling the
prank on doesn't get it. She even thinks she's gonna be
working on something with Britney in the future. Damn
this chick is clueless. William Hung doesn't even come close.