My 2 Cent

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Say no to the death penalty

That's right, say no to the Death Penalty. I
don't think that's an appropriate punishment
for those on Death Row.

With that said, I have a suggestion for a new
and more appropriate punishment. The Multiple
Death Penalty. Yeah that's right, multiple.
See, killin' these monsters just once isn't
enough. I say we kill each of them at least
twice. For those who have more than one victim,
you just tack on one more killin'.

See my plan would go something like this:

1. You drown monster.
2. Then you revive him/her.
3. Then you drown him/her again.
4. Repeat as needed.

At the moment drowning is the only thing I
can think of that can easily be reversed.
If anyone can think of a more painful and
violent means of death, I'm open to suggestions.