My 2 Cent

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

It's my mind and you can't have it

This really pisses me off. It's not enough that
the government tries to control us by taking
away our guns, now they're gonna try to take our
minds. Ok, I know this sounds like a conspiracy
theory, but by today's psychiatric standards
everyone has some sort of mental condition.
These drugs don't really solve any problems,
they just numb your mind.

Besides, alot of people can't stand drug testing,
now they think people are going to let them screen
them for mental illness. I'd don't need screening,
I know I'm mental and I enjoy it.

So, does this proposal mean the government is giving
up the War on Drugs? Or, is it ok because it's the
pharmaceutical companies making and selling the drugs?

What a plan. Numb the population until they don't care
what the government does. All on our dollar.