My 2 Cent

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Say no to the death penalty

That's right, say no to the Death Penalty. I
don't think that's an appropriate punishment
for those on Death Row.

With that said, I have a suggestion for a new
and more appropriate punishment. The Multiple
Death Penalty. Yeah that's right, multiple.
See, killin' these monsters just once isn't
enough. I say we kill each of them at least
twice. For those who have more than one victim,
you just tack on one more killin'.

See my plan would go something like this:

1. You drown monster.
2. Then you revive him/her.
3. Then you drown him/her again.
4. Repeat as needed.

At the moment drowning is the only thing I
can think of that can easily be reversed.
If anyone can think of a more painful and
violent means of death, I'm open to suggestions.

What about Gitmo?

Well,the Supreme Court ruled on the Guantanamo Bay
case(which probably should have never went there)
the other day and much to my amazement they repressed
their liberal tendencies. Yeah, they said two of the
cases should be heard by a lower court and will
probably lead to every detainee filing a case also.
But, for the most part, they left the control with
the President(where it should be).

The charge that this base is a legal black hole
is just inaccurate. The military has a legal system
and is usually harsher than it's civilian counterpart.
Which is where most of these cases should probably
be heard.

I think alot of the people that have a problem with
the military legal system, do so because they really
don't answer to the Supreme Court. And rightly so,
because the military's duty is to provide security
for this nation. Something most of the Supremes don't
hold in high regard(except for Scalia and Thomas).

Many people dislike the Patriot Act(with good reason),
but when it comes to detaining enemy combatants, I say
we don't torture them enough. If we torture 600 or so
enemy combatants and it saves the life of just one
child, wouldn't it be worth it(typical liberal spin)?
Which in this instance, is pretty much acurate.
But hey, thats just my opinion.

May she only serve one term

"We're going to take things away from you on behalf
of the common good" said Sen. Clinton.

How can any freedom loving american call themselves
a Democrat when their party is spouting stuff
like that. It has socialism written all over it.

Having senators like her, who needs enemies?

Monday, June 28, 2004

The clueless have awaken

Looks like the media have finally realized abortion
does impact our country. Well, only politically.
Wait till they figure out they're losing tax dollars.
That's when shit will really hit the fan.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Made in Israel

The crap people opposing this war come up
with gets more ridiculous by the day. So
now we're not supposed to use Israeli made
bullets? Why would I care if we do?
Oh, that's right, we gotta make sure we're
politically correct.

Who cares? What, are the terrorist gonna hate
us infinity + 1? You know, they do have feelings
too. Please. This is the dumbest shit I have heard
coming from this crowd so far.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Only in France

This is such nonsense. I have no problems with homos,
but calling one a fag is a hate crime? Please. There's
a friend of mine who's gay and we make fun of each
other all the time. With all the times I called him
a f**kin' flamer, I'd spend a lifetime in jail if I
lived in France. Well, thank goodness I don't. Just
one more reason to hate France. Let's hope this
dumbass shit doesn't make it's way to the U.S.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

It's my mind and you can't have it

This really pisses me off. It's not enough that
the government tries to control us by taking
away our guns, now they're gonna try to take our
minds. Ok, I know this sounds like a conspiracy
theory, but by today's psychiatric standards
everyone has some sort of mental condition.
These drugs don't really solve any problems,
they just numb your mind.

Besides, alot of people can't stand drug testing,
now they think people are going to let them screen
them for mental illness. I'd don't need screening,
I know I'm mental and I enjoy it.

So, does this proposal mean the government is giving
up the War on Drugs? Or, is it ok because it's the
pharmaceutical companies making and selling the drugs?

What a plan. Numb the population until they don't care
what the government does. All on our dollar.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Bit O' Wisdom

Now I'm sure this has been said by people much wiser
than myself, but due to my generation's inability
to understand it, I think it needs repeating.

Most things in life can't be truly or deeply appreciated
unless you worked for it. Otherwise, it's just one more
disposable item.

This can be applied to things such as cars, homes, jobs,
promotions, relationships, pretty much everything. We
as humans tend to abuse or neglect things we don't appreciate.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Equal rights?

Since when is celebrating Gay Pride Day an
equal right. They need to stop bitchin'.
Besides, there's not anyone stopping them
from celebrating. They can party all they
want. Just not on my dollar.

French Army Knife

I always wondered what one would look like.
It appears The Sicilian found a pic of one.

She just doesn't get it

What a terrible finish. I'm talking about WB's Superstar(I'm
probably the only clown that watches the WB). I don't watch
much TV let alone reality shows(very little reality), but
I was looking forward to the last installment of Superstar.
What I was really hoping to see was some terrible singer's
dreams crushed(I know that's mean)on national TV, but it
never happened. The damn chick that won screwed it all
up. She didn't realize that she was just a part of a big
joke. She just didn't get it. It ruined the whole show.
It's just not funny when the person you're pulling the
prank on doesn't get it. She even thinks she's gonna be
working on something with Britney in the future. Damn
this chick is clueless. William Hung doesn't even come close.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Safety Nazis

Some Safety Nazis in my state are trying to ban those
motorized scooters. Why? Because they are dangerous.
Think of the children. We must protect the children.
That and the fact that some parents don’t have any common
sense. So, we must also protect them from their parent’s
stupidity. Another reason they spout is that when someone
does get hurt it cost all of society.

What a load of crap! I’m soo sick of this mentality.

The safety freaks and the lawmakers are the ones lacking
common sense. Most people know you can’t legislate common
sense. If so, I would write a law preventing people &
lawmakers lacking common sense from writing laws to protect
people from themselves because they lack any brains.

We must put an end to this nonsense. If not now, then when?
When they start banning fatty foods?
When they start banning sidewalks because the concrete is too hard?
When they start requiring you to wear a helmet inside of your home?

You know, those stairs sure do hurt when you fall down them.
You could even end up in a persistent vegetative state if
you hit your head in the wrong spot. Man, wouldn’t that
be a drain on society.

Now, I won’t argue whether they’re dangerous or not.
I think they are, as are most things in life to some
degree. In my opinion, what makes these things dangerous
is that they were not engineered to be stable at the speeds
they travel. The wheels aren’t big enough to create the
balance needed to travel at speed. That and the turning
radius is wicked tight. If I had a child, I’d rather he/she
not ride one.

With that said, it doesn’t mean another parent shouldn’t
let their child ride one. It also doesn’t make them
automatically a bad parent if they let their child do so.
They may feel the fun outweighs the risk of injury.

All things you may do in life requires that you weigh the risks
and decide what amount of risk you are comfortable with,
not the government. There are ways to manage risk and still
have fun. No, I’m not talking about just putting on protective
gear. I’m talking about also learning how to do said activity
and give it 100% of your attention while doing it. That’s
probably the best way to ensure your safety.

Besides, whatever happened to that “keep your laws off my body”
crap. I suppose that only pertains to abortion. Which, by the way,
does cost society. Exactly one less taxpayer. You’d think that
would enrage the Safety Nazis.