My 2 Cent

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Hiding the truth

Now while the government may be hiding the truth about the loss of
our soldiers, (because it may politically hurt Bush's chances for reelection)
I think we need to be a little more honest about 9/11. By being more honest I
mean the news media needs to stop hiding the true footage of 9/11 from us. If they
want us to see the coffins of our soldiers, then we should also see the people
jumping from the towers and the body parts that littered the streets of New York.
Americans do have a short memory and need to be reminded of things from time
to time. So if the media needs to give us a daily body count from Iraq(which they do)
then please remind us of why we are there(9/11 being one) and don't spare the
gory details. Without the gore, some people outside NYC can't quite grasp what
really happened.