My 2 Cent

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Universal broadband

Look, I have broadband. I love broadband. I don't think I coould live without it.
But for the government to step in and demand that it be cheaper so more
people can afford it, well, that's just stupid. They can't manage to make the
internet tax ban permanent. I suppose that type of thing just isn't in their nature.
Bush needs to push for that first, being as that has a direct impact on commerce.
Broadband in the home doesn't. It just sounds good to the uninformed masses.

If the goverment gets its hands into the broadband business, I can just kiss
my 3 megabit download speed good bye. We all seen what they (Clinton) did
to basic cable TV. Sure it's 10 bucks, but where are all of the channels? I'll lose
what little use Comcast allows me. They already blocked port 80. Jerks!

This is a job for the market to decide. Besides, it's already cheap. It's $30 for
500k DSL a month. Not bad considering it's $25 for dailup service and 500k is
all most web surfers need. Now if you're like me, and like to download 700Mb
files, then spend the extra $12 and get the cable broadband. You won't regret it.