My 2 Cent

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Unions kill

Unions suck the life out of everything, including Philadelphia. Way to go
guys, just one more thing that won't be happening in Philly. The International
Motorcycle Show (which was one of my favorites) used to make a stop in Philly
until the Union renegotiated its contract. Now it's just to expensive, hence it doesn't
stop here anymore.

The Union cries about benefits and a fair wage, sound fair, right? Then What are
they paying the non-union workers, peanuts? I don't think so. I suppose the
Union mentality is that it's just better to not work at all.

This is one of the many reasons Philly is a dying city. The people that live there
are leaving. The people that go to school there aren't staying and Mayor Street
just scratches his head in confusion while denying there's a problem. You see,
he's running out of people to tax to fund city programs.

A real liberal nightmare.