My 2 Cent

Monday, March 29, 2004

Message for the AARP

Get your HANDS out of my POCKET!

I'm sick of hearing how the new Medicare drug coverage is a good start, but not
enough. Not enough? The way I see it, it's too much. It's also one of the reasons
Medicare is going to implode earlier than expected.

Hold on...wait. That's it! Maybe we should give them what they want. We should
give them every entitlement they can think of and just pile it onto Medicare. That
way the cost to fund this monster will be so outrageous it will implode within 2 years.

The other alternative would be to increase taxes by a large amount. I'm talking soo
big, the peoples response would be like tossing a frog into a boiling pot of water.
Screw these little tax hikes every year that slip under the radar.

Things usually do have to get pretty bad, really quick, for people to pay attention.
Could this be "W's" plan? One can only hope.