My 2 Cent

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Being tested

Sometimes it seems as if I'm being tested. Everytime I comment on something
someone did stupid or a bad decision someone made, not too long afterward,
I find myself in the same situation.


My wife and I were watching TV last week and there was this scene where a person
is driving and the brakes on the car go out. Of course the person pumps and
pumps the pedal, but the car still isn't stopping. Which then they run over
everything in sight until they slam into something or flip the car in typical Hollywood
fashion. Meanwhile I'm yelling at the TV" Use the handbrake you idiot. Put the
car in a lower gear. Turn the damn thing off. Do something other than pumping
the brakes. They obviously don't work." I know I'm mental, but I was bored.

So yesterday, I'm driving the company van and the damn brakes went to the floor
and the thing wasn't stopping. I'm thinking to myself "Oh, you gotta be f**king
kidding." So I grabbed the handbrake and the van actually stopped, without the
big Hollywood scene.

I guess I passed that little test, but this kind of stuff happens to me all
the time.

Weird, isn't it.