My 2 Cent

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Gas tax calculator

So, how much would the Kerry gas tax cost ya? Go find out.

War for oil

Is this clown serious? I thought this was a war for oil. So, how could
gas be too expensive? These Libs can't have it both ways. So, Kerry
we should go to OPEC and beg. Screw OPEC! Let's stop this
non-sense and drill in Alaska. That is one of the benefits of Alaska being
a state. It has a good deal of natural resources we need, oil being one
of them. Now I know this won't solve our problem, but it does help reduce
our dependence on OPEC and they may be a little less inclined to screw us
on oil prices. That is what everyone wants, right?

Monday, March 29, 2004

Message for the AARP

Get your HANDS out of my POCKET!

I'm sick of hearing how the new Medicare drug coverage is a good start, but not
enough. Not enough? The way I see it, it's too much. It's also one of the reasons
Medicare is going to implode earlier than expected.

Hold on...wait. That's it! Maybe we should give them what they want. We should
give them every entitlement they can think of and just pile it onto Medicare. That
way the cost to fund this monster will be so outrageous it will implode within 2 years.

The other alternative would be to increase taxes by a large amount. I'm talking soo
big, the peoples response would be like tossing a frog into a boiling pot of water.
Screw these little tax hikes every year that slip under the radar.

Things usually do have to get pretty bad, really quick, for people to pay attention.
Could this be "W's" plan? One can only hope.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Universal broadband

Look, I have broadband. I love broadband. I don't think I coould live without it.
But for the government to step in and demand that it be cheaper so more
people can afford it, well, that's just stupid. They can't manage to make the
internet tax ban permanent. I suppose that type of thing just isn't in their nature.
Bush needs to push for that first, being as that has a direct impact on commerce.
Broadband in the home doesn't. It just sounds good to the uninformed masses.

If the goverment gets its hands into the broadband business, I can just kiss
my 3 megabit download speed good bye. We all seen what they (Clinton) did
to basic cable TV. Sure it's 10 bucks, but where are all of the channels? I'll lose
what little use Comcast allows me. They already blocked port 80. Jerks!

This is a job for the market to decide. Besides, it's already cheap. It's $30 for
500k DSL a month. Not bad considering it's $25 for dailup service and 500k is
all most web surfers need. Now if you're like me, and like to download 700Mb
files, then spend the extra $12 and get the cable broadband. You won't regret it.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

EU appoints...

The European Council summit Thursday appointed Dutchman Gijs de Vries as
the Appeaser in Chief. More on the story.

A good terrorist

The only good terrorist is a dead one. Unless you live in San Francisco. Only in San Fran
would you find some idiots protesting the killing of a terrorist. Not once in this article do
they refer to Yassin as a terrorist(well maybe once in a quote from an Israeli supporter).
No, they use phrases like "the leader of the Islamic resistance movement". It makes
me wanna puke. Then they bitch about how Israel had no right to kill him. Oh, but I
suppose the suicide bombings of Israelis are ok.

They can't be serious? Right?

They did what...

Oh, that's just sick. Sick I tell ya.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Child Protective Services?

Why does this agency even exist when it consistently fails to do
it's job? These children certainly weren't being protected. Their
parents have some serious marks on their criminal record. Where
was CPS before they committed their latest criminal act.

Oh, but let a parent smack a child on it's bottom for misbehaving.
Well, they're monsters, and will be hit with everything short of the
death penalty.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

New domain

So the porn industry may get its own internet domain. I have a
suggestion. How about ".ass". It just seems fitting, considering
the content of the domain.

Going broke

So Medicare is going to be broke by the year 2019. It can't come
soon enough. I hope it goes broke next year, that way we'll
(us tax payers) be rid of this ever growing monster.


If I were running for some sort of political office this would be my slogan.

The less I do. The less you get screwed.

Being tested

Sometimes it seems as if I'm being tested. Everytime I comment on something
someone did stupid or a bad decision someone made, not too long afterward,
I find myself in the same situation.


My wife and I were watching TV last week and there was this scene where a person
is driving and the brakes on the car go out. Of course the person pumps and
pumps the pedal, but the car still isn't stopping. Which then they run over
everything in sight until they slam into something or flip the car in typical Hollywood
fashion. Meanwhile I'm yelling at the TV" Use the handbrake you idiot. Put the
car in a lower gear. Turn the damn thing off. Do something other than pumping
the brakes. They obviously don't work." I know I'm mental, but I was bored.

So yesterday, I'm driving the company van and the damn brakes went to the floor
and the thing wasn't stopping. I'm thinking to myself "Oh, you gotta be f**king
kidding." So I grabbed the handbrake and the van actually stopped, without the
big Hollywood scene.

I guess I passed that little test, but this kind of stuff happens to me all
the time.

Weird, isn't it.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Nailed him

Actually, bombed him. Looks like Israel got him this time. So now the
Palestinians are vowing to get revenge.Then I suppose all those suicide
bombings were part of their peace plan. Maybe Arafat will be next. But
none of this killing will stop until there is complete victory for one of the
sides. I'm hoping Israel blast them back into last century. That's right,
they're pretty much there already.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Affirmative action in action

I got a good laugh out of this article. It's great to see the affirmative action crowd
go nuts when it's used to benefit whites. It's ashame the scholarship wasn't
for a more substantial amount.

Ed Gillespie, chairman of the Republican National Committee, says it conveys a
message of exclusion. He's joking, right? Maybe he should have addressed the
other hundreds of scholarships that exclude many groups of people before
commenting on this one. It doesn't discriminate more than any others.

Kudos to the College Republicans of RI. Though you may want to change your
party affiliation being as they're probably your biggest obstacle.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Unions kill

Unions suck the life out of everything, including Philadelphia. Way to go
guys, just one more thing that won't be happening in Philly. The International
Motorcycle Show (which was one of my favorites) used to make a stop in Philly
until the Union renegotiated its contract. Now it's just to expensive, hence it doesn't
stop here anymore.

The Union cries about benefits and a fair wage, sound fair, right? Then What are
they paying the non-union workers, peanuts? I don't think so. I suppose the
Union mentality is that it's just better to not work at all.

This is one of the many reasons Philly is a dying city. The people that live there
are leaving. The people that go to school there aren't staying and Mayor Street
just scratches his head in confusion while denying there's a problem. You see,
he's running out of people to tax to fund city programs.

A real liberal nightmare.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Can't touch this

Foreign leaders want to see a change in American government.
Well duh, of course they do. They want to see a change for the
worse. The main reason other countries don't like us is because
we're the big kid on the block. We managed to do what they
couldn't do(still can't do)and in a shorter period of time, despite
us being stupid Americans. They've been trying to reach our level
of greatness for hundreds of years and probably are now realizing
that isn't going to happen. Therefore the only way to be greater
than us is to bring us down below their level. We must not let
that happen.

Only the French

Only the dumbass French would go wild over John F'n Kerry. Well them
and half of our voting population. Now if we could only get that half
to move to France. I'm sure the French would not like that idea. Probably
because most of the Americans that like Kerry are the same dumb
Americans that the French love to hate.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Spain misguided

What a pity. The people of Spain actually think that by electing a socialist
government they will avoid futher terrorist attacks. Appeasement never
works, terrorist don't respect weakness. Neither do I. Besides, if thats their
plan, why don't they just skip the middle man and elect the terrorist to office.
That'll be sure to please them. That is their plan, right?

Friday, March 12, 2004


If I hear or read one more thing with that in it I'm gonna scream.
Come on people, even a first grader can figure out this one:

Pretty much everyone minus three does not equal being alone.

Foreign endorsements

Who's cares which presidential candidate has foreign endorsements?
It's not like these foreign leaders care whats best for americans. Which
is one more reason to not vote for Kerry. He would just be an extension
(a hand puppet)of these foreign governments.

If you think this is a good thing, you could always just move to whatever
foreign country likes him and spare us your idiocy.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Abstinence works

When it comes to preventing STD's and pregnancy, it's works everytime it's tried.
So "W" wants to spend $270 million for educational programs to promote abstinence.
Well of course those on the left (who love programs) don't like this one. They point
to a study that indicates no reliable evidence exists that abstinence programs work.
As if all of these other programs (like condom-ed) have reliable evidence that they
were effective. If they worked we wouldn't be having this conversation. This program
could actually be done for $0 if parents would do the promoting. Isn't that their job?

The Image Awards

Who are the NAACP to give an image award? Don't they think they
should work on their image as an organization first. Unless that's
the image they really want to put forth. You know, the hypocritical one
where they flip and flop more than a fish out of water.

Free George Michael

So, George Michael is gonna put all of his future releases on the internet
for free. Big deal. I don't know about the rest of the world, but I'm guessing
not many people in the US planned on buying them anyway. Hell, these days
it probably cost him more money to print and distribute his music, than he
makes. So who is he kidding? He can't sell his music, so this is a cheaper
way to get it out there. It's not like he's doing us any favors. Trust me, if
he were making money from selling it, he would be on the lawsuit bandwagon.

Oh, and the thing about wanting to be less famous, if that were the case he
wouldn't have made this announcement.

No surprise here

An activist judge has ties to an activist group, go figure.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Separated at birth?

I think the Patriette may be on to something.

Clean employees

And my wife was worried about them washing their hands?

XXX minivans

I've been expecting this one in the headlines. I've seen this a few times myself,
while driving. The one instance I remember it was a minivan(most likely their parents)
full of teen boys just cruising around, while the guys in the back seat were watching
a porno. I think parents may be reconsidering that optional DVD player. It's
not just for Spongebob anymore.

Sen. McCain (D)

This guy's beggin' for attention. He's practically shouting"PICK ME, PICK ME!"
Can you picture a Kerry/McCain presidential ticket? The both of them running
only on their Vietnam service. Oh, that's right, McCain has his unconstitutional
Campaign Finance Reform. Why doesn't he just pull a Jim Jeffords and make the
switch? He already votes like a Democrat.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Not the next black president...

Well, it looks as if Mr. Teresa Heinz has put his foot in his mouth again.
According to this he won't be the next black president no matter what
happens this election, but don't feel bad John, they'll still vote for ya.

Free Martha Stewart

I couldn't agree more with Joseph Farah's take on the
Martha Stewart case.

Go check it out.

The land of fruit & nuts

Something this stupid could only have come from California.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Bible goes both ways?

Mr. Kerry states: "Well, I know the deep beliefs, I respect, I'm a Christian, I've read
the Bible, and I know you can find the clauses that go both ways."

This is his reponse regarding homosexuality. Does he expect people to buy this?
I think he's relying on peoples ignorance when it comes to the Bible. I'll admit
I fall into that category being an Atheist and all.

Is it true though, that there are clauses that go both ways? I find that hard to
believe. Maybe I should take some time and read the Bible. A book that has
been in existence as long as it has, just can't have that amount of gray area.

John F'n Kerry at it again

Now this is either a lame attempt trying to relate to his supporters or
he really doesn't have anything important to say. So by inserting the
f**k word in every f**king sentence he attempts to make it seem
bigger than what it really is.

Some people feel the f**k word isn't a big deal and I mostly agree.

But, when it comes to a presidential candidate I expect him to be able
to articulate his views with a little more class than the average street

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Bikes race at Daytona?

I'm sure that's news to most of the yuppie wanna be bikers at Daytona. The few that
do know, I could probably count on my hands.

That's too bad. The World Superbike Daytona 200 was a great race. Mat Mladin
took first place despite making 3 pit stops. A first at Daytona. The guy is soo good
it's sickening.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Rock the vote

Rock the vote may sound like a good thing to most, but not me.
Look, if you're not paying attention to what's going on in your
country, I urge you to stay home on election day. If you're too
lazy and need to be prodded to register, then don't bother, it's
obviously not that important to you. We the people don't need
or want your input, because you have nothing to say. So please,
do whatever it is you normally do(watch MTV) and leave the
important decisions to those of us who care.

This also applies to the motor voter program, another bad idea.
Then people in the media scratch their heads and wonder
why voter turnout is low at times. It's because most people who
registered to vote in this fashion were never going to vote in the
first place.

Go figure.

Politicians love it though. They know these lazy, uninformed
voters are easy to manipulate with a few good commercials.

It's not about the human race

If the human race as a whole, rather than 50 states plus the
District of Colombia, could cast a ballot this coming November,
John Kerry would surely win the presidency by a landslide.
Writes the UK Independent.

Who cares what the clowns on the rest of this planet think?
They haven't a clue. That's why the countries they live in
are so screwed up. Of course they would pick a wanker who
would do their bidding, I would too. Thank goodness it's
not up to them. Though some countries try to influence
our elections. Remember all the Clinton scandals(the Chinese
money).This crap isn't news. It's to be expected

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Gay and Christian?

Can gay and christian be used in the same sentence? Can one be
gay and be christian? I wouldn't think so. I thought being gay in the
christian religion was a big no no, but I'm seeing this combination
used everywhere. I don't get it. I'm an Atheist, so what would I know?
My knowledge of Christianty is very limited.

Maybe someone would be kind enough to explain this to me.

Monday, March 01, 2004

2 wheeled rantings

The first day of spring is here, well for me anyway. I got to throw a leg
over my two wheeled rocket(motorcycle). It's a great feeling to just
rip through each gear and watch the cars that were behind me just
disappear. Though, there was this 350z that wanted to have a go at it.
He soon realized his car isn't as fast as he thinks. That's ok though,
it makes things interesting.

Ye of little faith

$117,538,000. Wow, what a way to show the clowns who were praying
(are ya still allowed to do that in this country) for Mel Gibson's movie
to flop, that they were wrong. Now...if I were Mel I would (and I'm sure
he wouldn't) be rubbing it in their faces. But, that's just me.

Well if Kerry says so...

Then I suppose it's ok. Not that he's wrong, but who cares what he thinks?
Any person with a moderate grip on reality should know that Clear Channel
has the right to drop Stern's show if he violates any of their rules.
If not, they need to get their head checked.

LTR 11 out of 11

I had no doubt it would win every category in which it had a nomination.
What's a shame, is that it shares this feat with a film such as Titanic.
Not that Titanic is a bad movie, but come on, we're talking about
Lord of The Rings. Congrats to everyone involved in the making of this
movie. It's an instant classic who's theme will ring true whether it's viewed
ten years from now or a hundred.