My 2 Cent

Monday, February 02, 2004

Winter and SUVs

SUVs have been getting a great deal of bad press lately, with all the snow we've
been getting. People are saying SUVs actually make bad weather more
dangerous. Their reasoning? They see more SUVs in ditches than any other
type of vehicle in bad weather conditions. Let me start by saying they are
pretty much the only thing on the road when it's snowing. Another reason
is that people don't know how to drive the things.

All 4wd vehicles handle differently than 2wd when driving in low traction
conditions. You have to pay attention to what both ends of the vehicle are
doing. When you do lose traction they tend to understeer and oversteer
(plowing and fishtailing) at the same time. This makes regaining control tricky.
Drivers are under the false impression that these trucks are unstoppable.
Trust me, these trucks can be stopped and often are, at the expense of
the owner.

I think what can be deceiving is that when you first hit the gas pedal,
it just goes. Like a rocket. Well, at least in the snow it seems that way.
But when it comes time to stop or turn, they're not much different
than any other car. I think this tends to cause most of the problems.

May you all drive safely this winter season.