My 2 Cent

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Planned Parenthood

Life is a journey that is hard for one to predict.
If would you have asked me where I would be ten years from now a decade ago,
I would have never predicted this. By this, I’m referring to the chance to plan for
parenthood. Deciding whether to have children or not, is not something I thought
I would be faced with. Having kids is something I assumed would just happen…by
accident, like many parents. Sometimes I think some things shouldn’t be planned
for, well maybe it’s just me. It’s a huge decision. Are women the only ones that
have a biological clock? I sure could use one. Not that I don’t want children, it would
just make adjusting easier if I had an overwhelming urge to have one. Heck, I just
figured out how to take care of myself.

If someone were to ask me for advice on having children, I
would say this:

You can never be totally ready for kids. You just need to accept the fact
(if you decide to have any) that your life is gonna change. In a good way
though. No amount of preparation is going to help you. When your baby is born,
just love him and take care of him. That’s all he’ll need. The rest he’ll teach you.
Sure you’ll show him some stuff eventually, but first, you must be broken-in.
Babies seem to be pretty good at doing that.

Well, I suppose I’m finished. I hope you didn’t mind reading
all of this. Maybe, just maybe, this might have helped someone
to take the plunge and enjoy parenthood. It would be nice if
this helped someone other than me.