My 2 Cent

Monday, January 26, 2004

A White African?

Well, last time I checked, blacks were not the only race on this continent. This student
in Omaha did the right thing. We all should be able to understand his point. At least
he's actually from Africa. More than most black people can claim. Look, I understand
African-American is a descriptive term for black, but you see that makes no sense
based on my first sentence. From what I read, this award wasn't even intended as an
award for blacks only. The school officials decided it should be. The award should
have been for Westside High's most distinguished student, period, end of story.
If you weren't the most distinguished student, oh well, better luck next year.
Dr. King, I feel for ya. All you did for your race and others(such as mine) to have
it become this sick, twisted way people of different colors treat each other.