My 2 Cent

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Just venting

As if this is any different than what I usually write. Ok, like many conservatives,
"W" is about to drive me outta my skull. Mainly because I voted for him and
he moves further to the left by the minute. The only thing that keeps me sane
is that Gore isn't president. If I had things my way Allan Keyes would be in office.
I'm to the point I hope he doesn't get reelected.

More funding for the NEA? What the hell is he thinking? Is next weeks headline
gonna be " President Bush says he's Pro-choice"? The NEA is an absolute waste
of money. I say this as an artist. Why should taxpayers fund anything I may
create? If it were worth anything, someone would buy it. Man...that would be
nice, someone buying my stuff.

Anyway, a word of advice for whom ever the Democrats choose to run. Just
give "W" enough rope and he'll hang himself.