My 2 Cent

Monday, January 26, 2004

Dean on Iraq

Are we supposed to take Howard Dean seriously? He states Iraq's standard of living
is worse now than it was under Saddam. Where does he get this stuff? By what
is he measuring their standard of living? Hell, freedom is a huge increase in the
standard of living by itself. If the U.S. government were to take away all of our
freedoms tomorrow, what do you think our standard of living would be like?
Not too good. The way I see it, the Iraqis have more power to more places in their
country, schools are in better shape, they have a police force, they are now printing
money, they have a central bank back in place, and they will have a new military.
One that doesn't terrorize the people, but protects them. Sure there are some angry
Iraqis. Basically they were part of the old military. They have no job skills other
than terrorizing their countrymen. As for most of the others, I think they are just
growing impatient with the rate of how things are going. I suppose they think that
just because they're free things should happen overnight. It never has and it never
will. Howard Dean knows all of this. He just chooses to ignore it. Like most democrats.